Tools to improve sense-making

Make sense of complex issues by viewing them through different prisms.  Supporting better understanding, decision making, dialogue and engagement.

We use artifical intelligence to


Engage stakeholders


Improve decision making


Empower Teams


Elevate dialogue


Enable collaborative decision making


Explore issue and problem framing

What we offer

Interactive Tools

Our AI enabled interactive tools allow for the development of logic based interactive questionnaires. Providing powerful ways to engage stakeholders and gain valuable insight into thought patterns.

Decision Making

Maximize your team’s problem-solving potential with our AI-enabled interactive tools, empowering the creation of logic-based interactive questionnaires that engage stakeholders and unlock valuable insights into thought patterns.


PrismVu tools enhance dialogue by illuminating diverse viewpoints allowing for richer, more nuanced communication and understanding.


Empower your teams with our innovative solution that facilitates collaborative framing of complex issues, enabling efficient problem-solving and informed decision-making.

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